In summer time climate in Uzbekistan is warm and highly recommended to take with you daily clothes from natural cotton.

In Uzbekistan peoples actually having tea in Choyhona (tea house) and having talking under the cup of tea. In the most of Uzbek cities you can have green tea, because of green tea is more popular.

All the Uzbek peoples are very hospitality and you may greet with them by saying:

Assalamu Alaikum! (Uzbek) – Hello!
Salom! (Uzbek) – Hi!
Yakhshimisiz ? (Uzbek) – How are you?
Ismingiz nima? (Uzbek) – What is your name?
Mening ismim ……. (Uzbek) – My name is ……..
Men ……………dan keldim (Uzbe) – I am from ………….
Tanishganimdan hursandman ! (Uzbek) – Nice to meet you!

While you are traveling you can taste our local Beer’s, Vines and more stronger you can have a Vodka!

In Uzbekistan to make shopping you should have a Uzbek Soums, you can get them from Exchange Offices in hotels, banks, in the streets and shopping centers. You can exchange USD to Uzbek Soums and Euro to Uzbek soums, Japanese Yen to Uzbek Soums, to change other currencies to Uzbek Soums you have to go to the Banks.

Also you can get money and pay by credit cards, but most used and accepted cards is MasterCard and Visa, also you can get Uzbek Soums from your American Express – Travel Cheques and Thomas Cook – Travel Cheques.

We recommend you to taste traditional Uzbek Cuisine. Uzbek most famous dishes are: Plov, Chuchvara, Shahlik and Mantu. And in the most of restaurants you can have also dishes from Russian cuisine too!

While you are traveling you should taste our seasonal fruits: melons, water-melons, tomatoes, apples and etc.