Nurata is a small city,flattened by desert Kizilkum against the range Nuratau,has an ancient history.Already in antique times here was a large settlement.Ruins of an ancient fortress and Khusan`s mosque,and the most important and one of the holy sites that attractes piligrims from all over Central Asia – “Chashma”,name of whichis linked with saint Sheikh Nuri,prophet Mukhammed`s relative.According to the legend Sheikh Nuri was the first preacher of Islam in this settlement.Now it is the holiest site with basin for sacred fish.Besides visitors can enjoy with panoramic view of whole Nurata range from the top of the hill,in addition seeing the remains of Alexander the Great`s defensive wall.

One who is interested in the system of an ancient water line,in the outskirts of the city can be seen one of the interesting underground water supply system named “Kyarizov”.


SARMYSH MOUNTAIN ZONE is located in Aktau mountains just 35km far from Nurata city.It is well known stone pictures gallery of primimitive people.Here near the black basalt rocks were found more than 3.5thousands well preserved pictures that depicts animals,people,hunting scenes.

AYDARKUL LAKE is called as geographic miracle,which was formed in waterless desert on southeast outskirts of Kizilkum.

Previously only excesses of drainage water from the Djizak steppe occasionally drained into huge saline soil cavity.But in summer of 1969 the disastrous high water on the river Sirdarya exceeded throughput capacity of Chardarinskiy hydrounit and the water had to allocated in this cavity.

A lot of fish appeared in the lake that serves as the start of the industrial fishery.Today area of the Aydarkul lake is,lenqth – about 250km and width – from 8 up to 15 km.

The region of Aydarkul lake has great possibilities for hiking and camel riding activities.