Shakhrisabz is one of the ancient cities of Central Asia,age of which is about 2700.In the Middle Ages it was known as Kesh.In the 7th-8th c.c. the city was one of the main centers of southern Sogd.Kesh was considerably destroyed during neutralization of Mukanna`s anti-Arabian revolt in the 8th century.In 11th-12th c.c under the Karakhanids Kesh was destroyed as a big city of Islamic culture.In the time of the Mongols Shakhrisabz oasis became an independent principality of Barlas tribe a part of which was Amir Timur`s clan.That`s why the city became the 2nd capital of Timur`s empire and was famous for monumental architecture.Those constructions were greatly destroyed by Abdullah-khan in the 16th centure.In 18th-19th c.c Shakhrisabz was the center of a princedom,defending its independence in constant wars against Bukhara Emirate.

Shakhrisabz around 160 km from Samarkand is located in a small valley, surrounded by the foothills of the Pamir mountains. This town is the birth place of Amir Timur. Timur was born on April 9 ,1336 in a small village 13km away from the ancient town Kesh. Later Amir Timur gave a new name to the town – Shakhrisabz – meaning “green town” (in tadjik).The monuments of Shahrisabz has a great historical importance.


“AK SARAY PALACE”(meaning “White Palace”)is the biggest among the other palaces of Timurid Epoch the construction of which took more than 20 years.The palace,which was decorated totally in dark blue,turquiouse,green and white,was named as “White Palace”.Because “white” was the symbol of “Nobility and Wisdom”.And the impressive size of the Palace made to impress Timur`s subjects and his importance and to show to the visitors their own insignificance compared to himself.But in the 2nd half of 16th c the ruler of Bukhara Abdullah-khan captured Shakhrisabz and distroyed the Palace,so that people would forget about Timur and the Timurids.


The mosque was built by Ulugbek near the original mausoleums of Sheikh Shamsuddin Kulal,teacher and spiritual tutor of Timur,and Timur`s father Amir Taragai.The tombstone of the Sheikh is said to have curative effects and it is decorated with opulent marble ornaments.The Blue Domed Mosque was designed as a Friday Mosque and,Like almost everything Ulugbek commissioned,the shape of the inner dome was executed with incredible geometrical accuracy and complicated mathimatical computations which resulted in its outstanding acoustic effects.These are holy sites famous throughout the entire Islamic world.

“DORU SAODAT COMPLEX” consists of Timur`s eldest and favourite son`s mausoleum,and Timur`s Crypt.

In 1376 Jahangir died at the age of 22 and after the death of his favourite son Timur for the first time thought about his mortality.So,ordered the construction of Mausoleum for Jahangir and nearby to it the Crypt for himself,where Timur had never been buried.

“THE CAVE OF TIMUR(TAMERLANE)” is a fabulous nature and historical object located 80 km far from Guissar mountains.The cave is 500m in length,decorated with calcitive stalactits,stalagmits,and also with crystals that look like flowers.There is a small lake inside the distant hall.Entrance to the cave is located on the wall of vaste canyon that also is interesting nature object.