Grand Bukhara Hotel

4 * Grand Bukhara hotel is located in the center of a wonderful city Bukhara between the old and the new part of the city, 5min away from the heart of the city – Lyabi House Complex.

Asia Bukhara Hotel

The Hotel “Asia Bukhara” is one of the hotels in Asia hotels chain all over the country and maintains the 3-star service level. The Hotel “Asia Bukhara” is notable for close location to the main ensemble of Bukhara.

Malika Bukhara Hotel

The Malika Bukhara Hotel is located in the very heart of ancient Bukhara not far from the Lyabi-Khauz complex. Already at the entrance, the guests’ attention is drawn by copper jugs, Bukhara carpets, Uzbek dolls and other colorful elements of the interior.

Zargaron Plaza Hotel

4-star Zargaron Plaza Hotel outstands with cozy and quality rooms. It is 10 minutes walk away from the Old Town where you will see ancient mosques, madrasahs, shopping streets, and 5 minutes drive from the International Airport.

Amelia Boutique Hotel

The hotel Amelia Boutique is like the trunk with treasures: it is unremarkable in look, but you need only to open it to see the wonderful two-storey house.

Omar Hayam Hotel

The Omar Hayam Hotel is located in the heart of the trade part of old Bukhara, in close proximity to trade domes. Also it is located close to the masterpiece of Bukhara architecture – Minaret Poi Kalyan.

Minzifa Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel Minzifa is one of the best private hotels in Bukhara with great service and accommodation. The hotel Minzifa Inn Boutique is located in the well-known quarter of Jewish merchants and aristocracy of ancient Bukhara.

K.Komil Boutique Hotel

K. Komil Boutique Hotel is the small private hotel, located in the ancient house of the 19th century, where a rich merchant family has ever lived.

Sasha & Son Hotel

The Boutique Hotel Sasha & Son is distinguished for advantageous location nearby the main historical complex of Bukhara – Lyabi Khauz Ensemble. It will take you just few minutes walk to reach the ancient house in the former Jewish quarter, which was restored in the spirit of XVIII century.

Zargaron Hotel

The hotel Zargaron is distinguished for its unique location – in the heart of Bukhara – close to the minaret Poi-Kalyan. You can get a wonderful view of this architectural masterpiece from the terrace of upper floor as well as from some balconies of the hotel.

Lyabi House Hotel

The hotel Lyabi-House is a charmingly restored old house of the 19th century, located right in the heart of the Old City.

Old City Hotel

The Hotel Old City is located on the border of the old Jewish quarter and the modern part of Bukhara. This convenient location enables to reach quickly the main historical monuments and important traffic centers of a new part of the city.

Emir B&B Hotel

Enjoy a breakfast in a quiet courtyard of the Emir bed and breakfast, located in the maze of winding lanes of the old city part of Bukhara. The house where B&B is situated dates back to the beginning of 20th century, when it was owned by a wealthy Bukhara merchant.

Salom Inn Hotel

The small and cozy private hotel Salom Inn is located near the main historical complex – Lyabi-Khauz Ensemble. Guests of the hotel Salom Inn can reach on foot the main architectural monuments of the city.

Siyavush Hotel

Hotel Siyavush is located in a quiet adjacent to the city park area on the crossroads of old and new Bukhara. Just a short stroll through the picturesque narrow lanes you will find the architectural ensemble Lyabi Hauz Square, the Bukhara’s famous landmark.

Amulet Hotel

Amulet Hotel is not just the small hotel in the center of old Bukhara but the unique pearl of Bukharan architecture of XIX century. The hotel is located in the Madrassah of Sayid Kamol, built in 1861 and reconstructed in 2000.

Minorai-Kalon Hotel

Minorai Kalon Hotel is located just few steps from the famous architectural symbol of Bukhara, the pearl of architectural ensemble Poi-Kalyan, Kalyan Minaret.

Avicenna Hotel

The Avicenna three-star hotel located in a historical part of the city is the most suitable for the tourists who wish to find themselves in the heart of old Bukhara.

Devon Begi Hotel

Devon Begi three-star mini-hotel is in the historic center of Bukhara, near Lyabi-Hauz complex. This small but cozy two-storey hotel was built in 2011.

Porso Hotel

The Porso hotel has contributed to the number of mini-hotels of Bukhara quite recently. Having been opened in 2012 it got almost at once positive feedbacks from the tourists who came to Bukhara to enjoy the ancient monuments of the oriental Middle Ages.

New Moon Hotel

The New Moon Hotel is well-situated in the Old Town’s outskirt where many excursions in Bukhara start. The building façade does not stand out against the other houses in the makhalla and looks simple, but inside you will have quite a different feeling.

Aist Hotel

The Hotel Aist (Stork) is a small and cozy hotel in Bukhara, located near the Lyabi-Khaus complex. The remarkable fact is that instead of the hotel there used to be a madrasah built in mid-XIX century.

Kukeldash Hotel

The Kukeldash is a bright and cozy hotel in the heart of the old town. The hotel is located right at the road, so a drive from the airport will take you as little as five minutes.

Modarikhon Hotel

The new Hotel Modarikhon is located on the outskirts of the old quarter of Bukhara near the Chor-Minor Madrasah. Just a two-minute walk from the hotel there is another attraction – the Lyabi-Khauz Complex where many city tours start.

As-Salom Hotel

“As-Salom” is one of the classical hotels of Bukhara located in about ten meters from the Lyabi-Hauz architectural complex, in the very heart of the historical part of the city. It has been in service for more than 10 years already, and in the beginning of 2015 was fully refurbished.

Kavsar Hotel

Kavsar is a small cozy hotel in the old part of Bukhara only 100 meters away from the well-known architectural ensemble Lyabi-Hauz. It is hidden in a cul-de-sac near madrasa Nadir Divan-Begi. The hotel offers 10 comfortable rooms that frame a small yard.

Safiya Hotel

Safiya is a new hotel in the old part of Bukhara located a few minutes’ walk from the well-known ensemble “Lyabi-Hauz”. It was constructed in 2017 and is a three-storey building with a nice inner yard where you can enjoy the evening.

Fatima Hotel

Small cozy hotel Fatima is located in the heart of the old Bukhara right in the corner of the architectural ensemble Lyabi-Hauz. From the street you will see only a small entrance with a sign, but when you enter the hotel, you can see a spacious courtyard and cafe, a great place to spend evenings in Bukhara.

Mekhtar Ambar Hotel

Located between the Chor Minor and Lyabi Khauz historical sites, the Mekhtar Ambar Hotel offers a unique athmosphere in the restored 19th century Caravan Saray.

Bibi-Khanym Hotel

The Bibi-Khanym Hotel is a small cozy place to stay, hidden in a quiet street of the old quarter in Bukhara. It is not far from the well-known architectural ensemble of the city – Lyabi Hauz. The small yard of the hotel has a terrace with tapchans done in exquisite Bukhara traditions.